” At The Beagle productions, we are committed to use the latest technologies, even at the hardest weather conditions, to immerse customers into the life of real expeditions or extraordinary human endeavors “.

We use 4K/8K cinema equipment , high tech drones, underwater remote operated vehicles,divers, special gimbals set on fixed wings or roto blade aircraft’s and much more.

Some of our customers requirements includes also HFR (frame rates of 50fps, 60fps or higher, on the final output) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.

The Beagle Productions has been pioneer producing high end content at 4K HFR HDR , since 2013.

Together with our partner company, VReckon, we also provide never seen before Virtual Reality content from untouched places on this planet, as well as featured content.

Beagle also designs highly specialized equipment tested in extreme cold/wet/hot/dust/underwater and aerial shootings, cooperating with the best gear brands.


We are proud of enjoying one of the best 4K/8K postproduction facilities in this category.

To edit content in native 4K/8K can only be done after a strong investment in hardware/software and human resources.

Some of the world’s most powerful workstations , together with optical fibre connections and fast access massive RAID storage capabilities, provides the necessary environment for 4K/8K  HFR HDR content creation.

VFX are also playing a key role in modern storytelling and a seamless workflow is one of the key elements in this complex environment.

At the Beagle , we defined an internal methodology and workflow that minimised time and guarantees the best quality output, even while the teams are still remotely shooting.