We are a team of creative TV / Cinema professionals with one goal in mind: to bring untold stories from the most remote and extreme corners of this planet.

Our crew has a rare combination of top-notch technical knowledge, gained across multiple TV and Film productions, with a deep passion for exploring the World in the most unconventional ways.

Together with our film career, we are climbers, pro skiers, aircraft pilots, researchers, pro divers and paramedics, and we have long experience  in producing top level content on challenging environments.

The Beagle Productions has been pioneers in working with 4K quality, since the beginning of the technology, and currently we also work with 4K-8K + HDR and HFR.

The additional challenge of generating massive amount of data along real expeditions, with no easy technical infrastructure, has been solved developing our proprietary systems that can even been operated using just solar power. (even at -40ºC / -40ºF or +50ºC/+122ºF)

We have been successfully creating content in jungles, deserts, extreme arctic, high mountain, aerial and underwater environments, along real exploration expeditions.

The Beagle Productions is located in Norway, with offices in Switzerland and Spain.

Extra Content – Behind the Scenes