About Us

- This is who we are -

Experts in Extreme Worlds


The Beagle Productions is an Award Winning full service production house that specializes in creating powerful stories from extreme environments.

Our roots are both in TV/Film Production and Extreme Exploration.

By combining these two worlds we immerse viewers into authentic stories that captivate them.


Filming stories in extreme environments (such as Polar, High Mountain, Deserts, Underwater) is challenging itself, nevertheless creating long format storytelling inside real expeditions is second to none.  If your goal is to work with the latest technologies and produce in the highest of demands in 4K/8K we are your experts.

At The Beagle Productions we have been developing our own workflows over the years, with top of the line equipment and experienced crew and persistent training to be able to deliver the best product under severe conditions.

Our experience in complex production scenarios allows our team to be part of high end film and TV productions across the globe, creating exceptional feature and documentary stories inspired by sports, world exploration and remote cultures.

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Norway – Switzerland – Spain



- to create incredible stories from the most remote corners of the Planet -


We are specialists in applying cutting-edge technology to create emotional stories based extraordinary environments of the Planet.

Our day to day delves in full length feature films, shot under hostile weather conditions.  We develop cross platform series where the main character (or host) has a significant exploration task and create powerful short length content for digital broadcasting and distribution.

We, at The Beagle Productions, are also sports experts.  Winter, adventure, underwater, and aerial sports, are all a great part of our recent works.  We are not only ‘nice footage’ capturers….. we are storytellers…  Integrating technology, we take a look inside human endevours, dramas, the overcoming of adversity, Olympic sports, victory and fate.