We create high profile documentaries for Cinema ,Television and Online Channels. We are experts in Travel, Adventure, Lifestyle, and Sports.

We use the latest technology to transport audiences to the planet’s most spectacular destinations.

We film in 4K and specialize in drone and underwater footage.

We are experts in global travel and expedition content.

From the Sahara desert to the Amazonian jungle to the remote Himalayas; we capture the unseen earth and the untold stories of the people who inhabit it.


We produce vibrant TV shows for international networks.

Our work:


We produce content that viewers want to see, not advertising they want to avoid.

With our partner PR company, we create and place relevant and engaging content on local and international media platforms for maximum impact and coverage.

We target your audience with a tailored PR approach that can include mini webseries, instructional clips, and teaser, specifically designed for your territory target. We create valuable content within a realistic budget.

We entertain and inform consumers, the broadcast platforms increase their share and quality of content, while we promote the core values of your brand.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation.


We are an international team of passionate professionals. Our Headquarters are located in Oslo, with offices in Madrid and London.

We are a full service production and post-production facility. We also offer PR services.

We specialize in worldwide brands, developing and leveraging branded content, product placement strategies, and the creation of ad-hoc media content.

We are production specialists, and offer filming in most environments – from indoor studios to challenging remote locations.  We are experienced in drone, helicopter and underwater filming.

The name of our production company is a tribute to Charles Darwin’s legendary vessel, “The Beagle,” on which he sailed for three epic years, affording him the freedom to devise one of humanity’s greatest scientific theories:  Natural Selection.






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